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Under 65 Health Insurance Plans in Tupelo, Mississippi

Having health insurance means you are protected from having to pay high medical costs out-of-pocket. And, you’ll have access to affordable healthcare to ensure you stay as healthy as possible. Learn how Agape insurance & Financial Group can help you choose the best health insurance plan for your situation.

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Making sure your dental, vision, and hearing needs are all in check is a crucial part in maintaining your health. To ensure you stay up to date with your dental, vision, and hearing appointments, look into a Dental, Vision, and Hearing (DVH) insurance plan to help you cover the costs.

In the U.S., more than 1.6 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Not only can this be a devastating diagnosis, but the financial strain that comes with the diagnosis can add even more to the stress. See how cancer insurance can help you worry less about the costs.

If you ever experience a big medical emergency, such as a heart attack or stroke, critical illness insurance can help provide additional coverage for costs that your primary health insurance plan may not cover. These emergencies can rack up hefty bills and unwanted financial burdens. Protect yourself today with critical illness insurance!

Hospital stays can become expensive without the right coverage, and that’s why we offer hospital indemnity insurance. These policies are designed to supplement your primary health insurance by providing coverage for the costs associated with your hospital stay. Having this coverage will give you peace of mind knowing you are prepared in case of an unexpected hospital stay. 

At some point, you or a loved one may need some help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and eating. Buying long-term care (LTC) insurance can help you prepare for this solemn reality. Find a policy now to make sure you stay covered in the future.

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ACA, Affordable Care Act, Health Insurance Plans In Tupelo, Mississippi

The Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) was designed to provide affordable health insurance to individuals and families. All ACA plans must cover ten essential benefits:

  1. Ambulance services
  2. Emergency services
  3. Hospitalization
  4. Lab services
  5. Mental health services
  6. Pediatric services
  7. Pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care
  8. Prescription drugs
  9. Preventive and wellness services
  10. Rehabilitative and habilitative servic
How does The Affordable Care Act work?

The ACA (Obamacare) assists people in getting quality and affordable health insurance who may not otherwise  be able to obtain coverage due to:

  • no work coverage provided
  • affordability
  • preexisting conditions

Consumers who have incomes between 100% and 400% federal poverty level are able to receive premium tax credits to lower their healthcare costs as well as make critical procedures and medications available.

Who Qualifies for Obamacare? (ACA)

In order to qualify for “The Affordable Care Act” you must meet these requirements:

  • Live in the U.S.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or national
  • Not incarcerated
When is Open Enrollment for ACA?

The national open enrollment period (for most states) for The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is November 1st through January 1st, 2023.

Special Enrollment Periods
The are certain life events that will provide you the ability to sign up for an ACA health insurance plan outside of open enrollment.
  • Had a baby
  • Adoption
  • Got married or legally divorced
  • Losing or lost qualifying health coverage
  • Changes in residence (certain restrictions apply)
Call one of our Tupelo ACA Advisors at Agape today to find out if you qualify. 
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